2020/11/22 easy smart phone 2


This train runs along the seaside. I like the scenery seen from a train window. I take a video and post on Instagram every time. I arrived the station and met my friends. It seemed that they will cook paella for dinner. We talked about what’s been going on recently. He wanted to use GoToTravel coupon, so we went to the shopping mall. We bought some snacks and wines. When we came back home, we started cooking. Having said that, my friends who are a couple had almost done. Thanks for their hospitality. Paella tasted very good. As far as I remember, it's the first time for eating paella. After dinner, one of friends got sleep. He seemed like tired. We took a coffee and talked about a lot of things. I'm really happy to meet them. I feel comfortable whenever I spend the time with them. Time just flew. I said see you again and took the last train to go back my home. Today was good day. I will sleep a lot tonight.